About Us

Our concept

Surplus RD sells products from over 50 companies at a fraction of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Surplus RD is not your typical furniture store or a flea market. We are a liquidation centre that offers mid to high-end products, new and in their original packaging. (To learn more, see our Inventory section!). In order to offer maximum discounts to our customers, we did not invest in designer decor and we cut our operating costs to a minimum.

In any Surplus RD stores, you can try all the furniture on display and ask any of our sales consultant information on all our products. “ At Surplus RD, you won’t find a flashy decor, simply a warehouse brimming with furniture for your living room, bedroom, dining room and office and even appliances for your kitchen” say the owners.

At Surplus RD, you only pay only for the furniture you buy. And, contrary to most other retailers, we won’t include in the price a charge for a delivery you might not need! “Basically, we cut all the standard operating costs: decor, financing, delivery, and intermediary fees with our manufacturers. Thus, the customer gets the best possible price for new furniture” indicates Philippe, Marketing and Purchasing Manager.

Come shop at Surplus RD… you’ll be able to create the exceptional decor you’ve always wanted, and still stick to your budget! We have several locations in Quebec so you’ll find what you need in your area.

Our story

In 2005, built on their past business experiences, two men of action decided to start a new business in Victoriaville. Even though it was their first foray in the furniture industry, the success of their Surplus RD concept was such after a short time that it led them to expand their business in the rest of the province. Today, Surplus RD has a network of 22 stores, well established everywhere in the province.

Their first mandate was to sell off the Shermag manufacturer surplus. Since then, Surplus RD has always tried to meet the growing demand of its customers, which contributed to the rapid expansion of the company. To date, Surplus RD has also been commissioned by various trustees to liquidate the Laurier, Villageois, Victorama, Baronet and Poitras inventories. The demand for quality and affordable products also led the owners to sell lines of regular products from several renowned suppliers from Canada, the United States and Asia.

Today, Surplus RD buys a large part of the surpluses, ends of lines, bankruptcies, order errors, closures, and such that retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors need to sell off.